New Project: Infrastructure Management

This is a new project built for Virtual Infrastructure Lease Management.

The users are requesting new VMs to the Network infrastructure team. Network Team creates a new VM or assign an existing VM to the request. This project will automate it.

These are the following modules available in this release.

  1. User Management
  2. Hypervisor Managment
  3. Virtual Machines Management
  4. Applications and VM mapping
  5. Lease Management

Demo website is available at


The growth and power of mobile devices

The following is the recent statistics of my agriculture based website

It is amazing to see, Internet Explorer is in the fourth place, and the third place goes to mobile browsers.


The following graph shows the split up of the mobile devices.


mmm. interesting!!

Market – A PHP based application for Classifieds

This is a 3 weekend project I have done to maintain the vendor information for agriculture.

The Need for the project:

The blog has been updated with agriculture, vendor and other agri-instruments. Often we need to search for particular product or a vendor. The search option given by wordpress is good, but it is not sufficient to maintain the record. Hence this project has been created to maintain vendor-product-category relationship.


The site is Unicode friendly, I have entered the information in Tamil where ever I can do.


This is the first mini project done on PHP. It uses the following platform

Web: Apache 2.2 on Ubuntu X64


Database: MySQL  5.5 on Ubuntu X64

IDE: Bluefish Editor, MySQL WorkBench

The project has been hosted at