USB tethering between Ubuntu and Android phone

This post is the continuation of my previous post on tethering. This post is a step by step to connect your Ubuntu (AMD 64) with internet using easytether and android phone. You can get EasyTether in Android shop.

1. Goto and download your driver.

2. Install the driver

Easytether installation in Ubuntu

Easytether installation in Ubuntu

3. Make sure USB debug is enabled. Easytether says that is very important. In my Xperia X10 mini, I have the menu flow like Settings>Applications>Development and connect the phone to PC via USB.

4. Connect the phone in USB

5. Open the terminal and issue the following commands

bhavani@bhavani:~$ sudo easytether enumerate
[sudo] password for bhavani:
bhavani@bhavani:~$ sudo easytether connect
connection established
run ‘sudo dhclient easytether0’ to configure the network interface
press Ctrl-C to disconnect

I tried to configure easytether0 network interface. So I kept the persent console open and issued the following command in a new console window.

bhavani@bhavani:~$ sudo dhclient easytether0
[sudo] password for bhavani:
Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Client V3.1.3
Copyright 2004-2009 Internet Systems Consortium.
All rights reserved.
For info, please visit

Listening on LPF/easytether0/02:00:54:74:68:72
Sending on   LPF/easytether0/02:00:54:74:68:72
Sending on   Socket/fallback
DHCPDISCOVER on easytether0 to port 67 interval 8
DHCPREQUEST of on easytether0 to port 67
DHCPACK of from
bound to — renewal in 2147483648 seconds.

6. What else, open the browser and start browsing!! when you are completed, press Ctrl +c in the first terminal where easytether application is still running.

Happy tethering! Happy tuxing!

3G speed measurement

3G speed measurement

USB tethering between Vista and Android phone

I was much disappointed with Xperia X10 for not having a tethering app by default. Anyways, I got many solution from Android shop.

Some of them need root access, which I dint prefer. Being a beginner with Android phones, I dont want dig into it right now. 🙂

I found EasyTether from Android Shop. I found it easier because

  1. The installation is so simple as any other apps
  2. The driver for the operating system (not available for all OSs right now) is provided by them
  3. It adds a system tray icon, when we select ‘connect’ option in the phone as soon as the USB is plugged in, the streaming starts!

Being a free version they have blocked secured sites 😦 I don’t like that anyways.

I am planning to test some other apps too. If this is necessary, I will think about buying.

Here is the speed measurement for BSNL 3G in my place.

Speed measurement of BSNL 3G with EasyTether

Speed measurement of BSNL 3G with EasyTether

BSNL 3G speed @ Pudukkottai

bsnl 3G @ pudukkottai

bsnl 3G @ pudukkottai

Myself, from a god forsaken place called Pudukkottai in Tamilnadu. As DIT promised, they will make every district headquarters covered with 3G within this year. It is in progress. I was getting 380 kbps till today morning. Amazing.. The speed is good from the afternoon…. Hope they will start the service soon with full capability.

BSNL 3G GPRS setting – Chennai and Tamilnadu

Earlier I wrote about my difficulty in working with 3G connection. I got a new sim today and I am able to get connected with decent speed. Here is the connection details.

set the APN as bsnlnet
(The older APN is not working for the past two days in my area–updated on 22-nov-2010)
Username and password as your 10 digit phone number (94xxxx)
no ip no proxy. keep the authentication as none. Select your internet profile as your default. restart for safety. thats it.

With samsung and nokia phones people are able to browse without any issues seems. But I have problem with Omnia. I am facing trouble in indoors. Being a dual mode phone, it automatically switches to Edge or GPRS 2G connectivity.

In addition, please be informed that customer support guys are giving false gprs settings.

finally, I got a lovely gift from BSNL :)test

BSNL 3G Service in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

BSNL released its 3G service after a looooong testing in Coimbatore last week. I been there for the inaugural function. There is a huge mob to collect the free 3G USIM distributed.

I got a new connection yesterday after 1 hour of waiting. video call and Mobile TV is no matter to me, my thing was internet on mobile as any other users rely on Internet for their daytoday activities. I am not able to find a page in chennai telecom or tamilnadu telecom about the GPRS/WAP settings for 3G. Settings given by North Zone BSNL sites are not working. Really it is very complicated to get the reliable information since there is no authenticated information. CUSTOMER CARE 1503 IS USELESS. Customer care people sitting here not able provide the correct information since they don’t have any. Better they can close it !!

Finally I am able to connect with as my APN. Then comes the signal quality. Frequently I am getting disconnected from 3G signal. network fails and it really switch VERY FREQUENTLY to G (GPRS), E (EDGE) and 3G. 😦 finally this is not fruitful for a serious user for professional purpose. We need to wait till it gets matured.