jEDP – Java Enterprise Development Platform

This is very common among the JEE developers to integrate the frameworks of their choice. Integrating everything together to make it as a stable fundamental basis is a tricky job since it involves lot of time and energy. This is one of the Developement platforms I have integrated. I am releasing this as a sample web application in which modules like User, User Roles have been added.

Here is the list of modules integrated with it.

Spring 3.0.0.M3

Hibernate 3

Struts 2

2 thoughts on “jEDP

    • Hi Jayakanthan,
      Main reason for the application slowness is due to logging. The logging level will be ‘debug’. You can change to WARN or ERROR to avoid unnecessary logs taking much IO. You can ping me in yahoo messenger barathee {at} yahoo [dot] com

      Thanks for taking time in evaluation.

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