Another interesting Eclipse plugin – UML (reverse engineering)

happy boy 

I was searching for an eclipse plugin to reverse engineer the code developed by salto-db-generator for hibernate.  I found slime eclipse plugin, that automatically support many features like use-case diagrams, class diagrams etc.

This can be downloaded from

 A getting started page is found at

Please find attached a class diagram generated by the plugin

automated UML diagram

Pongal and Makar Sankaranthi wishes

Wish you all a very happy pongal. Makara Sankaranthi wishes to all keralites.


As long as we remember our heritage, we be unique. I dont say western style is harm, but forgetting your own unique values and following a tradition blindly, for no reason, really will make us to loose our connectivity. We have strong roots. Be proud and happy to follow and nurture it.


Enjoy the day!