invalid flag: –release -> [Help 1]

I need to build a project with jdk 8. When I run Maven, Build failed with the below given error.

invalid flag: –release -> [Help 1]

After removing the below version specification in pom.xml, everything went as expected.


detached entity passed to persist

I am in mid of a crud operation. This exception hit me today, when I updated an entity with @ManyToOne(cascade = CascadeType.ALL) relationship.

org.hibernate.PersistentObjectException: detached entity passed to persist: org.grassfield.feed.entity.Feed

To solve this bidirectional consistency problem, I need to change CascadeType.ALL to CasecaseType.MERGE.

Recently I shot this pretty lady (or mighty gentleman?) at Coney Island. This has no relation with this post anyway.

Recently I shot this pretty lady (or mighty gentleman?) at Coney Island. This has no relation with this post anyway.



Migrating to Hibernate 5: Table ‘crm.hibernate_sequence’ doesn’t exist

I’m doing upgrading Spring 4 to Spring 5 and Hibernate 4 to 5.
My existing functionality refused to work. It broke with the following exception.
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table ‘crm.hibernate_sequence’ doesn’t exist

I’m using MariaDB/MySQL. I don’t have to maintain any sequence tables as Oracle. In addition, it was working without any issues. All my primary keys are autogenerated with the following annotations.

private Long id;

Thanks to

Adding to Hibernate properties solved the problem.

No Spring WebApplicationInitializer types detected on classpath

Wah, what a stupid error it was!

My Spring web app, which was running smoothly, refused to start. I don’t find any logs in log4j or tomcat log. Only clue I had was –

No Spring WebApplicationInitializer types detected on classpath

Here is how I solved it –

  1. Stop the tomcat
  2. Clean and build all eclipse projects
  3. Goto server tab and select the tomcat server. Press clean. Press clean work directory.
  4. Right click on the tomcat and remove it.
  5. Delete the tomcat from the eclipse run times
  6. Add tomcat server to the eclipse servers again
  7. Start the application


javax.validation.ValidationException: HV000183: Unable to load ‘javax.el.ExpressionFactory’. Check that you have the EL dependencies on the classpath, or use ParameterMessageInterpolator instead

I got this exception when I executed my newly written junit test for a Spring DAO with Hibernate Validations.

After adding javax.el to pom, this is resolved.



MySQL error 1449: The user specified as a definer does not exist

I faced this error when exporting the database from one server to other server, as the user doesn’t exist. So I changed the incorrect username into right one as given below.


Execute this query to get the list of queries to be executed.

table_name, " AS ", view_definition, ";")
FROM information_schema.views
WHERE table_schema='your-database-name';

It would give list of queries as given below

ALTER DEFINER='jessica'@'%' VIEW vw_audit_log AS select `a`.`ID` AS `id`,`u`.`USER_NAME` AS `user_name`,`a`.`LOG_TYPE` AS `log_type`,`a`.`LOG_TIME` AS `log_time`,`a`.`MESSAGE` AS `message`,`a`.`STATUS` AS `status` from (`your-database-name`.`user_info` `u` join `your-database-name`.`audit_log` `a`) where (`u`.`ID` = `a`.`USER_ID`) order by `a`.`ID` desc;

ALTER DEFINER='jessica'@'%' VIEW vw_user_role AS select `ur`.`NAME` AS `ROLE_NAME`,`ur`.`EMAIL_PERMISSION` AS `EMAIL_PERMISSION`,`urm`.`user_id` AS `USER_ID`,
`urm`.`role_id` AS `ROLE_ID` from (`your-database-name`.`user_role` `ur` join `your-database-name`.`user_role_mapping` `urm`) where (`ur`.`ID` = `urm`.`role_id`);

ALTER DEFINER='jessica'@'%' VIEW vw_user_role_mapping AS select `ur`.`ROLE_NAME` AS `ROLE_NAME`,`ur`.`EMAIL_PERMISSION` AS `EMAIL_PERMISSION`,`ur`.`USER_ID` AS `USER_ID`,`ur`.`ROLE_ID` AS `ROLE_ID`,`ui`.`USER_NAME` AS `USER_NAME`,`ui`.`PASSWORD` AS `PASSWORD`,`ui`.`ENABLED` AS `ENABLED` from (`your-database-name`.`vw_user_role` `ur` join `your-database-name`.`user_info` `ui`) where (`ur`.`USER_ID` = `ui`.`ID`);

After executing this queries, the problem was resolved.