Calculating Anova with LibreOffice Calc

I have written about the manual way of calculating one-way anova in One way analysis of variance. We shall use LibreOffice (or MS Excel) to calculate it quickly. I’d explain with Libre Office below.

Choose your data set.

01 data set for anova

1. Define the NULL (H0) and alternative (HA) hypothesis.

H0: there is no difference between three conditions with loan scheme.

μ ₹10,000.00 = μ ₹15,000.00 = μ ₹20,000.00

H1: There is a difference. Not all μs are equal.

2. Define the alpha value for type I error.

α = 5% = 0.05.

Select Data>Statistics>Anova

02 anova menu in libreoffice

3. Choose your result cell


04 anova result cell in libreoffice

05 anova result cell in libreoffice

4. And Here is your output

06 anova result in libreoffice

Groups Count Sum Mean Variance
Column 1 7 57 8.1429 0.4762
Column 2 7 47 6.7143 0.5714
Column 3 7 21 3 0.6667
Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F critical
Between Groups 98.6667 2 49.3333 86.3333 5.9563E-10 3.5546
Within Groups 10.2857 18 0.5714
Total Err:508 20

86.33 3.5546, hence the null hypothesis is rejected, alternate hypothesis is accepted.

4 thoughts on “Calculating Anova with LibreOffice Calc

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