This post helped me to turn off some junk databases in MS-SQL server!


Cannot open database requested in login ‘database name’. Login fails

This is a nasty error I got when I was doing a critical upgrade. We tried to connect to a remote MS-SQL server using JDBC to populate indexes. Seems to be an MS bug, which got fixed.

# please see :

Specify a Maximum Cost for a Query in SQL Server 7

Ever had a user accidentally create a query that resulted in a
Cartesian product of your two largest tables? Of course, a badly
written query uses up precious CPU and I/O cycles and therefore slows
everyone down. With the advent of SQL Server 7, you can specify a
maximum cost for a query. You can do this in two ways. First, set a
maximum cost for all queries on your server by setting the
configuration option “query governor cost limit” to the maximum number
of seconds allowed for a query. (For those of you not familiar with
the sp_configure command, this can be done through Enterprise Manager
by right clicking on a Server, choosing Properties, clicking the
Server setting tab, and choosing the “Use query governor…” check box
and entering a non-zero number in the box.) For a specific connection,

*Free* software is a matter of liberty not price. You should think of
“free” as in “free speech”.

Determining Table sizes in MS-SQL

Hi, I was searching for a query that will give me the size of the table in MS-SQL, here it is.

exec sp_spaceused <tablename>

…gives you…

name rows reserved data index_size unused
<name> 17991232 12636448 KB 11051664 KB 1583816 KB 968 KB

*Free* software is a matter of liberty not price. You should think of “free” as in “free speech”.