Address is invalid on local machine, or port is not valid on remote machine

I’m trying to open a simple HTTP connection in java installed on Windows 8, Unfortunately the process ended up with an error

Exception in thread “main” connect: Address is invalid on local machine, or port is not valid on remote machine
at Method)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at org.grassfield.TestUrl.main(

Quoting from

I believe that this issue is caused by Java attempting to use an IPV6 address, when either your OS doesn’t support it, or is not set up properly to handle it.

You can force Java to use an IPV4 address with the following property:

It works after the new JVM parameter

Dindigul 018


Shortcut to shutdown Windows

Is it taking too long to logoff and shutdown your Windows machine. Please make a shortcut for the following command.

shutdown /s /t 0

Copy the shortcut to the desktop or the quick launch bar, whatever is convenient. Double clicking on it will make the system to shut down immediately.

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Windows Upgrade: How to remove windows.old folder?

Manually deleting the Windows.old folder may corrupt the harmony of the OS. Do it with Disk Cleanup. Open the disk cleanup. Choose “Cleanup system files” option. You will be able to get rid of the following.

  • Old windows backup
  • Temporary installation files
  • Upgrade logs


This is a link for windows7, still it works in windows8 as well


Story of my Android Migration – Thanks to Windows 6.1!

Last week, one of the frustrating weeks of this year for me.  I got numerous problems with my windows based biz phone. I got excellent review for that product, which made me to buy that. After buying and installing some apps, I got into several troubles. Installation of some applications failing with permission issue. Googling directed me to change some registry value, for that they told me an application similar to regedit. Installation of that apps also getting failed because of same permission issue. 🙂

whenever I used to browse, the head-ache starts. The phone will hang for ever. you will see key pad lights glowing, display switched off. No other option except pulling the battery out and reboot it.

Both booting and shut down option is too long. after very few apps installation, the phone becomes sluggish. aahhh

Last few days became nightmare for me. even after hard resetting, it keeps on hanging. Clearing temp files, cookies din’t help me much.

Consultation at service point is discouraging. They can work on this reboot issue. But nothing to do it with speed because, all windows phones are like that only 😦

I cant keep this growing. I looked for alternative options. If you ask me the OS, I have no choices other than Android. Regarding the brand, I am much interested to test HTC this time. after reading the reviews, specs finally I had three options before me

HTC wildfire – Full Touch – Android 2.1 – 528 MHz

HTC legend – Full Touch – Android 2.1 – 600 Mhz

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro – Semi Touch & Qwerty – Android 1.6 upgradable – 600 MHz

I left with no option for Qwerty with Android in HTC. I am not looking for more fun. The features of media player or FM radio may not convince me. My main concerns were speed, apps, mails & IMs while moving.

Finally it’s Xperia X10 mini!

Is this a success story or failure story? 😦

528 MHz

BSNL 3G speed @ Pudukkottai

bsnl 3G @ pudukkottai

bsnl 3G @ pudukkottai

Myself, from a god forsaken place called Pudukkottai in Tamilnadu. As DIT promised, they will make every district headquarters covered with 3G within this year. It is in progress. I was getting 380 kbps till today morning. Amazing.. The speed is good from the afternoon…. Hope they will start the service soon with full capability.

Perfmon counters are shown as numbers instead of text

I have seen this in a windows 2003 box. The perfmon counters, objects are mere numbers instead of text. Same issue described in

it is suggested to use Lodctr.exe /r so that it can recreate the objects.


Hard Reset in Samsung Omnia Pro B7320!

This is an interesting like I came across!

My omnia hangs now and then for the past few days. Dont know why. I decided to do one hard reset once. I am okay with the loss as Google Sync takes care of all my contacts and mails.

There are couple ways mentioned in the page I quoted above! I tried the second one


Typing the above will reset the phone, and restart it couple of times to ensure the factory settings.. (I doubt, I saw some internet profiles, menu items were still there!!!)