R language, R studio – Installation

After completing the series of statistical post in this blog post series, I’d be writing about language R in this post.

R is a OpenSource statistical computing and graphics. This is a software environment which gives an interactive workspace called console.


Download the setup from https://cran.r-project.org/
Choose the ‘base’ when you downloadR language setup 01

Download R Studio, which is an IDE to work with R. You may download RStudio Desktop
Open Source License which is free to use.

R language setup 02

Install R-3.4.1-win.exe

R language setup 03

Open R console, by clicking the above icon.

R language setup 04

Get familiarized with R console

Let’s get familiarize ourselves by executing some basic commands.

> 2+3
[1] 5
> 10*12+4
[1] 124
> 10^3
[1] 1000
> sqrt(4)
[1] 2
> pi
[1] 3.141593
> 10 + (2*3)
[1] 16
> pi * 2^2
[1] 12.56637
> 100 + 6/3
[1] 102

R language setup 05

R Studio

Install the R Studio, we downloaded earlier.

R studio.PNG

We can give the same commands to get it working. See you in another detailed post regarding R programming.

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