Computing Regression with LibreOffice Calc


I wrote about regression equation using algebraic method in my previous post Linear Regression. Now, I’ll show you how to compute it using LibreOffice Calc.

Let’s start!

Choose your data set. I’m choosing same data set I used in my previous post. You may check if my algebraic method computation is correct or wrong!

Regression 3

Select Data>Statistics>Regression

Regression 4


Choose variable 1, which is our X.

Regression 5

Here is how we choose Variable 1

Regression 6

Here is how we choose Variable 2, which is our Y.

Regression 7

Choose the output cell, where you want LibreOffice to write the output.

Regression 8

Finally these are what we selected.

Regression 9


And, here is the output. You may check the slope and intercept value with my previous post 🙂

Regression 10

See you in another interesting post.


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