Android tablet war – a review

For the past few months, I tried many times to purchase a tablet for my personal needs. Unfortunately no attemt was fruitful because I am not quiet convinced with the models I have seen.
Motorola xoom, samsung galaxy tab, acer iconia, HTC flyer etc etc. In addition, Indian market is heat because of low end tablets (midlets) like Beetel magiq, techberry techpad etc.

Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom

First of all let me tell you my requirement – lot of text typing (emails, wordpress, facebook, and instant messaging), youtube every night! Mostly productivity gadget. If you compare the highend models which I told above, almost all of them have android as such (with their own apps for the name sake). You will decide based on the processor, memory, and other hardware related specs like HDMI port, tv out etc. Low end models – you should be happy with what they give.

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1

In the high end models, I have evaluated samsung galaxy tab, motorola xoom and HTC Flyer. Galaxy tab almost = moto xoom, but moto has a HDMI out and extendible SD card option. So still I give less marks to the Ipad competitor – samsung galaxy tab 10.1. But HTC Flyer has many drawbacks as below.
* Android v2.3 – others v3.0 or v3.1
* 7 inch screen – others 10.x inches
* costly – others are cheaper.

But still I will vote for Flyer because of the HTC Scribe technology – because of its unique way of sophistication to handwriting. I am damn sure, this will be very helpful when you get into half-a-day or full day customer visits or meetings. HTC starts working on this scribing, I hope they will make this as good as HTC sense. This is what the way phone or tablet vendors need to impress their customer. Better hardware and recent version of android alone won’t win your customer hearts.

HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer

Here is a video that can explain you the HTC scribe!

Another decision by Apple at the war-end makes me to postpone the purchase of a high end tablet (also I can’t afford that much amount now :D) the new release from Apple has a powerful CPU to compare with others for more computing. I am sure this will add unavoidable traffic in the market. I expect all the vendors will try to copy or cross this limit. So you can find better android tablets in the near future.

Let me conclude this post with a note on low end model – techberry techpad. It costs around 8500 INR, Chinese make and distributed by a Chennai based distributor of Techberry mobiles. I have purchased this tab as a interim solution till I find my dream tablet. The drawbacks of this model are
1. Low end processor – the tablet is sluggish than the other low end model Beetel Magiq
2. Not fully google – Not that much google friendly like other devices. Coundn’t map google and get alerts at real time.
3. Android market is missing and all the links are android market is failing. It has a Chinese application manager called appstore which is a ‘dhrabai’. The popular applications like meebo, google talk, plus… everything needed to be downloaded as .apk files and install it.
4. No bluetooth
5. No inbuilt 3G. You need USB modem

Techberry Techpad

Techberry Techpad

But still one convincing reason I got with this is its support to USB. USB keyboard and USB mouse is given with this midlet which makes my text typing so easier. I don’t know why high end models are not giving much support to this – or they sell these items for extra cost. I am damn sure, no one can type much with the onscreen virtual keyboard. I really got excited when I saw my USB mouse too started working. The keyboard comes with a leather like casing, which makes the carrying much simpler.

(I din’t talk about IPAD – Somehow I hesitate myself to be tied to a particular technology or particular vendor!!!)

There are many innovations coming up! See this! Solar Powered Android Tablet by Bharat Electronics – Priced at $72

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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