JAMwiki implementation

I was searching for a wiki package for my company. The purpose is to bring all the information under a structured-one single-place. My selections were only two.
1. Trac – Python based
2. Media Wiki – PHP based
Unfortunately I have been given a Windows 2008 server, where Trac failed because of Python Crash. I have no time to debug it because, this is not my main stream of work. Media wiki is Good, I had previous implementations. I was thinking about some Java based wiki tools, The selection creteria is very simple – it should be like Media Wiki, the implementation should be very simple. No installshields etc!

Among the several packages listed in java-source, I have selected the JAMwiki.
Installation is a matter of importing the war, creating the database (which is not mandatory, jamwiki comes with internal HSQL DB).

Good One!

3 thoughts on “JAMwiki implementation

  1. Hello,

    I like your post.
    i have questions for you about JAMwiki, i hope you can answer.
    I have to debug a jamwiki at my office, and there are things i don ‘t understand. i thing the developers use jamwiki 0.6.6, but there is a big probleme, when we edit a page, and restart the website, we can t see the change and the link don t work. I just install jamwiki 1.0.5, and i want to extract all data from the old version and then import those data in this new version, the probleme is, no body know how what is the admin pass. Know you how we can rest a admin pass? the second thing is, i see in jamwiki.org, we can extract csv or xml file, but they don t say how we can do it, have you any idea?

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards

    PS: hope you will excuse my english 🙂

    • Hi Rachid,
      Thanks for your response. All your questions will be answered by jamwiki forum. Moreover, we have migrated to Trac Wiki – jamwiki is abandoned in our environment now.

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