Installing Android SDK (in Windows)

Installation of SDK is pretty much simpler, But learning android will not be complete without it.

So, we need to download the SDK from .

Extract the downloaded file to a known location. You may need to remember this because we need it later. Mostly the pack will be extracted like android-sdk-<machine-platform>.

Inside the extract folder, you will have a folder called tools. add it to your PATH environment variable

I prefer eclipse for development. Hence we can download ADT plugin for Android apps development. We may not explain the plugin installation here, you refer to this page .

Open toolsandroid.bat. You will see a window like this.

From advts

You need to add a device first. As you see in the above screenshot, I already have a device. Press New button. Fillup the below details.

Then, Select ‘Available Packages’. To start with, select all packages and press ‘Install selected’

If you get any errors related to secured http, please refer to my earlier post.

Thats all. Your SDK installation is completed. Next step is Hello World! I will post it soon.

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