BSNL 3G – to be or not to be!

Recently I became a frequent traveler. I evaluated many fast – wireless internet solutions like photon +, reliance bb etc. They are good enough to give me good speed where ever they have coverage. To have a cost effective solution, I got a BSNL 3G data card from Coimbatore. After 2 to 3 months, here comes my review.



I checked the service in Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode, Ariyalur, Chennai and Tiruchy. Most of the places are not announced officially. I guess, testing is in progress.

Chennai, Erode, Tiruppur are one among the best. I am able to reach peaks. Email with attachments are getting downloaded at no time. Browsing is pakka. I am able to reach the same speed offered by photon + or reliance broadband wireless highspeed internet.

Coimbatore – I am not that much satisfied. Though it is good inside the city, it is very bad at the suburbs like Singanallur which is just 8kms away from central part of CBE. In addition, it is frequently getting disconnected inside the city.

Tiruchy is not implemented fully I guess, since I am able to connect only with Edge, though it shows 3G icon.

My recommendation is – BSNL promises all the district headquarters will be covered with BSNL 3G before end of this year. Where there is no coverage, GPRS or Edge is working fine (I tested in remote places of Tamilnadu. I am able to reach 100 KBPS max). If you want a cost effective solution, You can select this. I want BSNL to be more sensitive towards this because their support, service are worst in their categories!

Please see my earlier posting on the BSNL 3G setting

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