Virtualization Terminologies – 1

VMware ESX server:

This is a popular virtualization solution from VMware.
Installs on a ‘bare metal’, allows multiple OSs and their applications to run in VMs.

Physical server/Virtual Host:

The Operating System running on a bare metal

Guests/Virtual Machines

Individual Operating Systems hosted by ESX or Virtual Host


An OS that runs directly on the ESX server host.

Resource Manager:

Partitions the physical resources of the underlying server
Uses proportional share mechanism to allocate CPU, memory and disk resources to VMs those are powered on
manages the reservations, limits of each VM

VMKernal Hardware Interface:

Hides the hardware differences from ESX server and guest users.
Enables hardware specific service delivery
Includes device drivers and Virtual Machine File System (VMFS)

Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM):

Responsible for virtualizing CPUs
When the VM is getting started, the control is transferred to VMM
Sets the system state

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