First Experience with Ubuntu

ubuntu sweetheart

This is an interesting success story. I have been given a vaio with 2GB ram/Core2Duo 2.1GHz with Vista Business. After the installations of basic dev&doc tools like eclipse, tomcat, mysql, openoffice, box became very slower. Build and deployment are done in snail’s pace 😦

Very bad, I just tried Ubuntu 9.1 Live CD couple of days ago. Basically I love Mandrake because of their superb control panel, user friendly installation. Once I tried Debian surge, came back to Mandrake again because I am not successful with the configuration of all devices. But this time it is a huge success.

Installation : Very quick (obviously, it is a live CD)

Partitioning : It is good, But I still love Mandriva in this

The system was up and running in just 20 to 25 minutes!! woww!

Display & UI : Good, I like minimal transition effects – they are fast and professional! (wipe in/out , zoom in)

Package management : Synaptic. Good. But I still love Mandriva

Devices :
I dont have much. Finger pad is working like a feather. Tried to install BSNL EVDO (ZTE), Tata Indicom Photon Plus (Huawei). Ubuntu has device drivers and finds it quickly. (Beware!!! I read in forums, Tata distribute two kind of USB modems one of them dont support Linux)

Network :

Tested Wired LAN,  Wireless LAN and mobile broadband – Good. Tested Remote desktop to connect to remote Windows box – Good. Skype Audio Chat – Good.

Dev tools:

Eclipse, Mysql, Tomcat, Openoffice, firefox all are running without any freezing moment. (not at all possible with my previous Win installation)

So, The journey starts!

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