Integrating tomcat 6.0 and Eclipse europa

Till now I was using eclipse and tomcat separately, I was not that much serious about deployment, generally I goto the web application folder and edit/compile there itself. I know tomcat can be integrated with Eclipse, but I never tried. Today I have no other go. I need to do it. Here are the steps.

Register Tomcat with Eclipse

Select Window>Preferences

select the server you want to add, here we are adding tomcat 6.0 available under apache node

fill the necessary details

Here you can see the server is added to the list

You can see a new Project called Servers added to the Project explorer, If it is already there, the server might have been appended to the list

now open the corresponding web project to be deployed and start running it (ctrl + F11). Select Run on Server option

specify the server in which the application is to be deployed.

Move the projects to be deployed to the server. Here we have only one.

Thats it. done! see the web page is getting loaded!

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