A professional accountant called GNUCASH – success story


I am writing this post on a beautiful Sunday evening. I am trying to deploy an account software to maintain my own personal accounts. As a funny attempt, I tried to start writing my own code, out of laziness and lack of time I left it in halfway and searched for a simple software in sourceforge ; I came across some softwares. Most of them don’t have enough documentation, I have to pull my hair even to install it. Suddenly gnu-cash came to my mind. GnuCash, is a successful GNU software (Indian Linux enthusiasts say it is a replacement for Tally!). Amazing, they have a build for windows too.

It supports many important features, Budget, Vouchers, Bills, facility to maintain bank accounts etc etc. Here are some screenshots.

1. Account summary page

Gnucash account summary

2. Imbalance report

Gnucash imbalance report

3. General Ledger

4. Balance Sheet

Gnucash balance sheet

5. Reports – Expense analysis

Gnucash Expense analysis

You have full freedom to use/modify this software. Most of the linux distributions have this software, they have a build for windows also. A layperson like me is able to setup my own account at no time.

Then why dont you try it?

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