invalid CEN header (encrypted entry)

friends,This week started with some more problems :). Nothing to worry, problems only feed us! Otherwise, who will give us job!!! Today I was trying to unzip a zip file and read the contents inside the file, using It was working fine till I increased the file size. The zip file is around 160MB, and the single file inside that zip file is 4.5GB contains raw text. I hit with the exception invalid CEN header (encrypted entry)

Pathetic, I was totally helpless! Later I came to know that It is a open bug in java, which will not support above 3.2G!  I am in darkness. Latermy lead had pointed out that is due to java’s non-compliance to zip64, which is fixed in jdk1.6, 24th build. I need to get it installed and get rid of this issue!

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