SQL Loader in Oracle

Previously When I used blogger, I have written something on loading raw files into MySQL Database. This is a similar post, but with Oracle. I am trying to upload a CSV to Oracle Database. Here are the various steps involved in it.1. prepare a .CTL (control) file
Control file is one which tells the SQL Loader how to upload the file. A sample CTL file contains the following lines

load data
infile 'c:StatCounter-Log-3329852-modified.csv'
into table statcounter
fields terminated by "," optionally enclosed by '"'

It tells from which file, to which table, to which fields i am uploading the data.

2. execute sqlloader with the specified CTL file

sqlldr system/manager control=statcounter.ctl

C:>sqlldr system/manager control=statcounter.ctl
SQL*Loader: Release - Production on Sun Jan 20 03:19:55 2008
(c) Copyright 2001 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
Commit point reached - logical record count 63

Thats all!

But I have a problem with this, Though it says 63 records have been uploaded. I am seeing only 10+ records. I dint get any errors also. I am thinking why 😦

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