Eclipse : Invalid project description


This is a headache. I am using Eclipse 3.2. I have chosen, say, c:test as my work directory, then I couldnt create a project in any of those subdirectories, If I choose c:testproject as my project folder and I click Finish, I am getting the above error:

“Invalid project description.

C:testproject overlaps the workspace location: C:test

Later I found the reason from one of the forums.

1. At 10:17 AM on Mar 14, 2006, John Arthorne wrote:
Re: Invalid project description error message returned when importing projects.
It was not valid in Eclipse 3.1 for a project to be stored in a
sub-directory under the workspace directory. The 26 project directories
need to be moved up to the “workspace” directory, or the “agprojects”
directory needs to be moved outside the workspace directory. This
restriction is being lifted in Eclipse 3.2.

He says it has been lifted. but still i am in trouble….!!

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