Political Parties give second thought on second term for APJ Abdul Kalam

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From: Get Kalam Back <pramodh@getkalamback.com>
Date: May 6, 2007 10:04 AM
Subject: Political Parties give second thought on second term for APJ
To: barathee@gmail.com

Dear barathee,

The Rashtrapati Bhavan will soon have a new occupant. – CNN IBN

Politicians are tightlipped about their choice for President

Hunt for India’s first citizen is picking up pace,

  • The BJP has been maintaining a conspicuous silence on the issue.
  • Kalam is not exactly the hot favourite with the Congress.
  • One party that’s come out openly against Kalam’s second term is the Left.

(Note: The CPI-M had opposed Kalam’s nomination in 2002 and promises to do so again this time.)


The political parties are aware that the next President may
have to play a crucial role if the 2009 General Elections
throw up a hung Parliament. Therefore, the parties would
obviously prefer a nominee it can rely on, politically.

No one has become a President for the second time after Dr Rajendra Prasad.
And if history repeats itself, the consensus on Kalam looks difficult.

From GetKalamBack.com CAMPAIGN, we request only two action from your side:

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barathee, we deserve what we give. Let us put out our efforts to have a
Visionary like Dr Kalam as the First Citizen for another Five Years.
We will send the letters of the Campaign on May 7 to the political parties.
The time has come to play our role in choosing what and whom we want.

Pramodh Mysore

FORUM: We have created a FORUM for you to
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by going to the Forum.
NEWS: We have also the latest news on Dr Kalam’s various visits and his second Term.
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