Creating an application with GWT – Application creator

Today I have started with applicationCreator.cmd in the GWT folder!
Adding something important, GWT follows some structure in maintaining projects. As per specification, this is my assumption.
org/vaigai/shiksha – > this is the project root
org/vaigai/shiksha/client ->client side source files
org/vaigai/shiksha/server ->server side code
org/vaigai/shiksha/public ->web resources, public

oh no, dont get tired, the application creator script will do all these for us!

D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21>applicationCreator.cmd Created directory D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21src Created directory D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21srcorgvaigaishiksha Created directory D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21srcorgvaigaishikshaclient Created directory D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21srcorgvaigaishikshapublic Created file D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21srcorgvaigaishikshamyapp.gwt.xml Created file D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21srcorgvaigaishikshapublicmyapp.html Created file Created file D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21myapp-shell.cmd Created file D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21myapp-compile.cmd

Hey, amazing, a hello world is readily available with this newly launched project! see the client folder
Directory of D:projectsgwtgwt-windows-1.0.21srcorgvaigaishikshaclient 01/26/2007 01:50 AM 1,208 1 File(s) 1,208 bytes

also the hosted mode shell MyApplication-shell and the compiler MyApplication-compile is also issued with the newly created project.
issing the command myapp-shell will launch your program!! :)

then we can start editing the java, compile, view etc etc....!

so, hereafter lets see thost applications one by one!

for now, bookmark the link

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