https – Servlet – Attachment – IE not working

Hi, I have a servlet which will send me PDF stream. It is working good in IE and Firefox. When operating in secured mode (https), IE couldnt download the attachment. it stops in halfway. There were no exceptions thrown at the servlet end. Atlast, we found the line

response.setHeader(“Pragma”, “no-cache”);

is the culprit. when we dint set this header param when operating in secured mode,
it is working fine. 🙂

Microsoft site says “This behavior occurs when the Content Expiration option in the
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Headers, within IIS, is set to
Expire Immediately. Internet Explorer must save any Microsoft Office
file to the local cache directory, and then use the associated
application to open the file. If you set Content Expiration to Expire
Immediately, the Office documents are not cached locally and the
operation fails.”

mm. anyway, it dint take much time. we cud guess this from another servlet we have 🙂

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