BOM – Byte Order Mark

When files are saved from notepad like MS applications, a byte order mark may be added in the first line of your file. This is handled in editors so that you cant view them. But they may put you in trouble when you are reading those files (like IniFile, or reading from any other static files). either you have to use *writeUTF() *and *readUTF() *methods in Data I/O Streams or check for character *(char) 65279* (if you use UTF-8, for other unicode encodings the character may not be the same) at the beginning of you file.

for more info, pl. search for BYTE ORDER MARK in google 🙂

You may know already, when you open a files containing unicode character, they may be displayed as question marks or junk characters in Editplus, Textpad or any other unicode not-ready editors. Notepad, word pad is working fine

*Free* software is a matter of liberty not price. You should think of “free” as in “free speech”.

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